Iconize Me!

Today I found a great site, offering an online caricature service. You only have to send (a link to) a foto of yourself and after a few days you will receive a caricature of the foto. I was very impressed about the samples on the site, so i decided to buy such a caricature (no, it’s not free if you thought that). And now I am waiting for my first iconized picture.

Yes, of course, here is the link.


Today I bought a Creative NX Ultra Webcam, and it’s really cool. I never understood those enthusiastic users of webcams and video conferences, but now friends of mine are living in other cities, it’s not so easy to meet them that often as earlier. So I decided to arrange a few web-meetings with friends. But right now I’m not sure if this experiment of keeping alive friendships via web conferences will be successful …


I found a great tool from Microsoft, the The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator. With this tool I created my own keyboard layout, because the curly braces {} on the german keyboard layout are not placed very well. So I imported the default geman keyboard layout and added 2 key-combinations. Right now I can press the [ö]-key (or [ä]) in combination with [Ctrl] to get the “{” (or “}”) symbol. And this is a really cool feature for programming “C – style” languages.

Mozilla and Security

I am using Mozilla(Firefox) as my first choice Internet Browser since a long time.

A main factor for not using the Internet Explorer was (and is) the security risk (not only) caused by the wide spread of the IE.
But as Mozilla (Firefox) becomes more and more popular, Mozilla is getting more interesting to coders of malicious software as well.

A very good (german) article can be found here.

First I was a bit shocked, because I thought to be on the safe side because of using Mozilla instead of Internet Explorer, but then I realized that even a possible more secure browser will not protect you complete, if you trust almost everything in the web.

The key point here is that the most important security guideline is a common mistrust of any web content.

“Wer auf alles klickt, was ihm irgendwo unterkommt, wird sich früher oder später einen Schädling einhandeln — egal welchen Browser oder welches Betriebssystem er nutzt.”

English entry

“Why is the last entry in English?”, you may ask.
There is a simple answer:
I started with the words: “complete off-topic”; and going on with german would have caused a mixed language entry, so I decided to write the entire log-entry in english.
But right now I am not sure which language I will use in the future.

Vermutlich wird nur die Tagesverfassung entscheiden. 🙂

Hermann Maier

Complete off-topic:

Hermann Maier and his brother Alex Maier bought a trials machine at my brother’s shop.
More details and photos can be found here.

PCCP Logbuch

Ich habe gerade unter pccp.at/blog einen neuen Weblog für den PC Club Perwang eingerichtet.
Ich bin nämlich überzeugt davon, dass ein Computer Club so eine Art Weblog haben sollte.
Hoffentlich finden sich jetzt noch schreibwillige Autoren.

Aber das ist eine andere Geschichte…


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