Ubuntu on AMD64

I just finished the Ubuntu installation on my new AMD64.

Here’s a screenshot.

The intallation was straightforward and without any problems. And everything I wanted (but I didn’t really expected) is working right out of the box (Lan, Internet, Gnome, etc…). Really nice this Ubuntu.

Google ???

Today I did a search of “kreiseder” at AskJeeves and this website was ranked first (yes!). After that I tried the same with google, and there kreiseder.at wasn’t even on the first page. Can anybody tell me why? Mhhhh….

Mono – Webservices – Linux

Yesterday we played a bit with MONO and Linux, and it was quite interesting and fascinating. Tobi has some details.

Sure, Linux is really different to Windows, sometimes it’s hard to get the complete system running, but Linux is quite more fascinating than a Windows box.

It’s time for me to use a bit more Linux at home again (for testing and playing around), but my OS of choice was and is: MacOS X, because it combines the power UNIX and the best user interface.

Command Line

Since I switched to the dark side of the force(here:W32) as a result of my job-switch three years ago, more and more I forgot the power of the commandline. Now it’s time to refresh my command-line skills.

Today I found I this interesting link: Introduction to Command Line Linux.

to be continued ….

Scripting iTunes

Since I am an iPod owner, I am using iTunes more intense than before. And I have plenty tasks, that I want to automate, like editing a bunch of song attributes to cover my needs.
For a start, I found this very helpful site: Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes.
And scripting iTunes with AppleScript really is great, because it’s powerful and simple. And once again I am extremely happy with my Mac.

Apple Keyboard

I also own a new Apple Bluetooth Keyboard (international edition with English layout).
It’s the best keyboard I ever had, it wasn’t cheap but it is worth each cent.

And the English layout is really great for programming. (There is only the problem with the German umlauts, but this is Gewoehnungssache …)


I just got the confirmation that I passed two exams of my Computer Science study.
The math exam was quite close, the other one was much better (‘Formale Grundlagen der Infomatik’). Now I’m very confident, because I didn’t have that much time to learn and there were huge changes in my life at the time I planned to learn.
There is still one exam left in a month for this term, but this should be the easiest for me, it covers the basics of Programming.