Yahoo! has found -1 links to this site.

I just checked my Homepage statistics and I found as a referrer to my page.

Of course I took a look at this page, but there I read the shocking truth, that:
Yahoo! has found -1 links to my site.
Right now I am very depressed!!! 😉

Update (minutes later):

Yes! Now there are 17 (In Worten: “seventeen”) instead of -1 Links. Plus 18 in a few minutes. I am a shooting star! :)))

iTunes in Austria

Today Apple started it’s iTunes Store in Austria. I really like this store.
It’s easy to use (especially if you are useing iTunes as Music player already, as I do) and you can hear about 30 seconds of each track. For sure, 0.99 Euro for a song isn’t really cheap, but an album costs 9.99 Euro, thats ok.
I found a lot nice songs, but finally I didn’t buy anything.

Mac goodies

I have a windows Notebook at work, and there I often have to switch between different network settings. And some of them are always the same. So I wrote a vbs script with different config files that I use every time I switch to a known LAN.

I think many Laptop (windows) owners do have the same problem, they need a function to store the network settings of specific LANs, so they can easily switch between them – for example let’s say – between “home” and “work”. They don’t want to type in IP-Adress, Gateway, DNS, etc. every time they are in an other Location.

Mac OS X has such a function, your Network-settings are stored under different ‘Location’. You can very easy switch between network settings.

For sure, this is only a little feature where Mac OS X is better than Windows, but I need this quite often. There are many so little nice feature, where Mac OS X is better for your dayly tasks. And all of these small features make the big picture for me, that Mac OS X definitely is the operating system for the desktop.

As I said it before: It makes fun to work with a Mac. And Windows gets on my nerves very often.

Linux Workshop at PCCP

Yesterday I held a Linux Workshop at PCCP as Part 2 of the “Operating Systems” – course of lectures.
I used the recent Knoppix for all Demos. We tried Knoppix on separate PCs (with quite different Hardware) and we never had problems, everything worked fine. Once again I (and the majority of the participants) was very impressed about this Linux live-system.
One problem for me was the different level of the participants. But everyone played a little bit with Linux by his/her own, so I think finally the workshop was quite usefull and interesting for all.

Movable Type Update

I updated this weblog to Movable Type Version 3.11.
The fantastic new feature is the moderated comments feature. This helps to avoid Spam Comments. So feel free to comment …

Wald und Wiesen-Editor

Da mein Studium jetzt wieder weiter geht, befasse ich mich derzeit mit Pascal und bin dabei wieder auf den Emacs gestoßen.

In Michael Koflers Linux Standardwerk bezeichnet er viele Editoren als “Wald und Wiesen-Editor”. Was sich anfangs sehr lustig anhört, bewahrheitet sich immer mehr. Je mehr ich mit Emacs arbeite, desto klarer wird mir wie wichtig ein GUTER Editor ist. Auch wenn die Einarbeit einiges an Zeit kostet und speziell für Windows User nicht immer ganz einfach ist, lohnt es sich auf alle Fälle.

Ich arbeite die meiste Zeit am Rechner in einem Editor, da ist es wichtig, nicht mit einem Wald- und Wieseneditor die Zeit zu verschwenden.

BTW: How would you translate ‘Wald- und Wieseneditor’ ?

Live Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

I recently updated to Mozilla Firefox 0.10.1 and I tried the new Live Bookmarks feature.

It’s a quite nice feature, on each rss-suporting webpage you can subscribe to this feed via a ‘Live Bookmark’.
You can easily refresh this live bookmark folder. If there are new items in the feed, your bookmark folder will be updated.
Sadly there is no flag for new bookmarks, so there is no ‘unread’ – funcionatlity. I also miss a preview feature, a rss sidebar would be nice.

Despite of all this, I think Firefox is takeing the right direction, for me RSS support for a web-browser is a basic requirement.