Why do I have to restart my PC?

What really makes me a bit angry, is the fact that I have to reboot my PC (or Mac), when I do a software update.

I just did a small update on my Vista (RC1) box. This update fixes some problems with Word 2000 (or was it Word 2k3? I can’t remember..) on a tablet PC.
First, I have no tablet PC.
Second, I don’t even have Word 2000 installed.
Third, this wasn’t an important update (as the screenshot signs), it was optional.
So why do I have to reboot my PC after this update?


I mean, we live in 2006 and since Windows 95 many discussions were going on obout these rebooting problems.
For sure, OS Vendors were heading in the right direction in the 90’s, but now we are standing still.
I can remember when you changed the IP Address in Windows 95, you had to reboot (inserting the Windows CD before, of course …). Maybe thats why they had chosen ‘start me up…’ as marketing slogan…

This isn’t a Microsoft centric problem, on the Mac it is the same. I remember an iTunes update, after that I had to reboot my Mac.

Of course it’s better than in the late 90’s. But with Vista and/or Mac OS I still have often to reboot my PC. I think we should restart the whole reboot discussion.


I just installed Vista RC1 on my PC.

After a few weird messages I finally got a working Vista installation.

The GUI looks really great, but I still have the feeling that a I’ve seen much of that before

Anyway, I think Vista is a big hit. Here is my WEI