Gaim vs. Miranda

I switched back to Miranda today, as a result of some heavy problems with Gaim (No connection to ICQ via a Proxy Server, no feature of unblocking a MSN Buddy).

I often had (and even have) the feeling, that the Windows port of Gaim isn’t maintained very carefully. So I decided to witch back to a native win32 App.

Sadly there is no Multiprotocol-IM on Win32 like my favourite IM on OS X: Adium.

Weather Dashboard Widget

These two pictures I took in the last 5 minutes:



But it took a few weeks to recognise that I have to press the “Enter” key after “Salzburg, Austria” in the widget location box. Am I thinking too complicated ?


I just installed Mambo for our soccer team portal. The installation was very simple and Mambo is extremely powerful, take a look here