– Hands off!

I recently got an invitation to

Right now I found this: is a scam

Fortunately I didn’t fill out anything on their page and didn’t sign up.

So, hands off from such stuff, it’s never good to give away your mobile number to anyone you do not trust.


Currently I’m a bit experimenting with lilina, an online news aggregator.

Take a look at the target site.

The result is ok, but i rather prefer Planet, but this requires Python on the server. lilina only requires php and also looks very good.

live your dreams

Today I found a document, which I never published. Now, after a long time I think it’s time to publish it.

Here it is: bowling.

OK, I know you expected more, but for me it’s special, because this document could be only a few days old, and not 3 years.


On Saturday I ordered my iPod at the Apple Store.
Yesterday I got the shipment confirmation.
Today Apple reduced the price by 20 Euro.


Anyway, I am happy because soon I’ll be a fresh iPod owner (and maybe the last who payed 20 Euro more …)