Eine unbequeme Wahrheit

Zuerst mal vorweg – ich habe den Film nicht gesehen, hier geht es um das Buch.

Das Buch “Eine unbequeme Wahrheit” von Al Gore handelt von der Klimaerwaermung und deren Konsequenzen. Das Buch, das eigentlich mehr einem Bildband aehnelt, ist durchaus schnell durchgelesen. Trotzdem oeffnet es die Augen und lenkt zielgerecht auf ein sehr ernstes, aber oft verdraengtes Thema.

Al Gore weisst auf die Gefahren der Klimaerwaermung hin und zeigt auch viele (politische) Hintergruende die man kennen sollte. Er zeigt die Ursachen, die Konsequenzen und abschliessend noch einige moegliche Gegenmassnahmen.

Der einzige Kritikpunkt ist vielleicht, dass an manchen Stellen das Buch mir ein wenig zu Amerika-lastig erscheint, ansonsten kann ich das Werk uneingschraenkt empfehlen.

Eigentlich sollte dieses Buch in keinem Haushalt fehlen, da es deutlich aufzeigt wie wichtig die Umwelt ist und wie verantwortungslos doch viele mit ihr umgehen.

Tiddly Wiki

Do you have a file ‘todo.txt’ on your desktop? It’s time to drop it.

There is a much better alternative to keep track of your Todos, your Reminders, your backlog or your personal notes. This alternative is called TiddlyWiki and is a complete wiki engine in a single html file. It uses a lot of javascript and stores every entry in this html file. I have mine on an USB stick, so I can use it everywhere I go.

TiddlyWiki is really great, take a look at it here.

Hint: turn on the autosave feature and you don’t have to save your changes manually every time.

Firefox 2

I recently installed the new Firefox 2 Release Candidate 2.

There are a few new features that impressed me. Here is my (incomplete) tour of the new features of Firefox in Version 2:

First: All my plugins work without problems as they did in the previous Versions (IETab and Adblock, to name the most important).

Firefox 2 comes with new Tabs:


The Close button is now on every Tab (like in Safari), and there is a complete list of open Tabs on the right. It was a bit unfamilliar at the beginning, but i got used to it very quickly.
If you mistakenly closed a tab with “Ctrl+W” (I often close the wrong tab …), now you can press Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen it.

With Firefox 2 you can use an external RSS reader when clicking on the RSS Icon in the address bar.


Now I can use my RSS Reader straitforward, no manual searching of the RSS Url in the Page Source and pasting it into my RSS Reader is necessary. That’s really I feature that saves me a lot of time.

The last new feature in my list is the spell checker:


Seems like the time of typos in forum entries are gone. Or maybe you can say it that way: “Firefox 2 users do cleaner posts…” (Remark: this post was written with Safari, typos can occur frequently and are for demonstration purposes…) .

An interesting aspect is the Javascript performance of FF2, especially in combination with the ongoing Ajax hype. Here is a comparison between FF2 and IE7.

As a conclusion: Firefox ist still the browser of choice on a windows box. With Firefox 2 I hardly have to reconsider Safari on my Mac.

Oh, I forgot to mention the main reason why Firefox is better than the rest: Take a look here.