Mac goodies

I have a windows Notebook at work, and there I often have to switch between different network settings. And some of them are always the same. So I wrote a vbs script with different config files that I use every time I switch to a known LAN.

I think many Laptop (windows) owners do have the same problem, they need a function to store the network settings of specific LANs, so they can easily switch between them – for example let’s say – between “home” and “work”. They don’t want to type in IP-Adress, Gateway, DNS, etc. every time they are in an other Location.

Mac OS X has such a function, your Network-settings are stored under different ‘Location’. You can very easy switch between network settings.

For sure, this is only a little feature where Mac OS X is better than Windows, but I need this quite often. There are many so little nice feature, where Mac OS X is better for your dayly tasks. And all of these small features make the big picture for me, that Mac OS X definitely is the operating system for the desktop.

As I said it before: It makes fun to work with a Mac. And Windows gets on my nerves very often.