Microsoft ???

Once again I can’t understand the philosophy of Microsoft.
At work I use Office 2003 on Windows XP. Since a few weeks I also use Outlook 2003 (Everone makes mistakes 😉 ).
What really makes me angry about Outlook 2003 is Microsoft’s complete ingnorance of the Netiquette. The ‘TOFU’ – Outlook Mail forwarding style is extremly ugly (I mentioned this before.). And there is NO option to disable this TOFU stuff.

Right now I tried this with Office 2004 for Mac. There is no Outlook, the application is called Entourage. And I wonder, because with Office 2004 for Mac, there you can set your quoting style to confirm to the rules of the Netiquette. It’s not on by default, but there is a option to!

But on Windows there is no option for this! I am scared! I do not really understand Microsoft here. They make better programs for Mac, as for their Windows Platform. Maybe because the Mac is the better OS? I do think so.
And Office 2004 for MAC is better than Office 2003 for Windows. Period.