Trash vs Recycle Bin

Imagine a waste basket. Think of a yesterday thrown away piece inside the trash. Now you realize that you need the thrown away piece again. What would you do to fetch back the piece?

A) Search in the trash and automaticaly move the piece to the place where it was before you thrown it away (even if you don’t know where it was before you’ve thrown it away)

B) Search in the trash, take the piece and put it to whereever you want.

OK. Take my second example:

Think of a thrown away bookshelf with many different books in it. What would you do if you realize that you need one book in the bookshelf back?

A) Search in the trash for the bookshelf, restore the complete bookshelf to the place it was before, move the book somewhere else, throw away the bookshelf again.

B) Search in the trash for the bookshelf, search in the bookshelf for the book, restore the book to wherever you want.

I’ve choosen answer B) two times. Answer A) describes the Windows Recycle Bin, answer B) the Trash of Mac OS X.

And now I can understand why so many people think that computer are very difficult, because, in fact, some functionalities (in Windows) are difficult to understand, because they are unnatural.

And that is a very important fact why I prefer Mac OS X; because it is simple, things work like I think they should work, things work natural and that is easy.